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Image description


Download a PDF file of the full truck specs


Dimensions: 11'4 Tall 8'2 wide 27'0 long (need additional 4 foot at back for truck entrance)

Video Position
Ross Carbonite 16 input Switcher w/ 4 keyers, 6 auxes, DVE,
    6 internal up/down/cross frame syncs (primary switcher)
FOR.A HVS-650HS SD/HD Switcher 1 M/E 8 input (secondary switcher)
Panasonic BT-LH1700W 17" HD/SD LCD MONITOR
(2) 40” LED Muliviewer Monitors
(2) Yamaha NS-10 Audio Monitors
AJA FS1 HD/SD Frame Sync
AJA RH10UC HD Frame Sync/Upconverter
AJA HD-SDI Distribution Amplifier
(4) AJA HD-SDI to SD-SDI Downconverters
(4) AJA SD-SDI to Component/Composite Analog Converters
(2) AJA SD-SDI to Composite Analog Converter
(2) AJA Analog to SD-SDI Converter
AJA Analog Audio Embedder
AJA AES Audio Embedder
(2) AJA HD-SDI to HDMI converters
AJA HDMI to HD-SDI Converter
Fast Forward F22 Time Code Generator
Black Magic DVI to HD-SDI converter
Clear-Com MS-440 4 Chan Intercom System
(5) Camera Position Headsets
(5) Additional Headsets w/ 2 chan beltpacks
Clear-Com AC-10H Phone Interface
Clear-Com TW-12B RTS Interface
(3) AJA KiPro HD Hard Drive Recorders
AJA IoHD w/macbook pro (records prores files like KiPro)

Video Shading Position

8 Input HD monitor switcher
Ikegami 1505 15” HD monitor
22” LED Multiviewer Monitor
(5) Hitachi RU-3400 remotes for CCUs
Tektronix HD Waveform/Vector Scope
Clear-com RM-220 2-Channel Speaker Station


(4) Hitachi SK-HD1000 Cameras 1080i HD or SD
(1) Hitachi SK-HD5000 Camera 1080i HD or SD
(4) Hitachi CU-3300 CCUs
(1) Hitachi CU-HD500 CCU
(3) Hitachi VF-HD500 5" studio viewfinders
(1) Hitachi VF-PBM-207 7” studio viewfinder
(3) Hitachi VF-402 ENG viewfinders
(2) Fujinon 17x7.6 HD lenses w/studio remotes
(1) Fujinon 20x8.6 SD lens w/studio remotes
(1) Canon 8x6 SD wide angle lens
(4) Libec H80 Tripods

Other Video

19” HD Monitor
Marshall 7” HD Monitor
(2)  JVC 9" CRT SD Portable Color Monitors
2400' of SMPTE Fiber Camera Cable
1500' BNC Coax Cable
100' 4-wire BNC Cables
(6) Video HUMbuckers

Audio Position

Yamaha DM2000 48 Channel Console

19” LCD Multiviewer Monitor
(2) JBL LSR-6225 Audio Monitors
DBX 215 Equalizer
Focusrite Octopre 8 Channel Mic Pre

Yamaha AD8HR 8 Channel Mic Pre
Alesis HD24 Hard Disk Recorder

Tascam X48 Hard Disk Recorder (on request)
(2) DBX 24 Channel Audio Patch Bays
Clearcom RM-220 2-channel speaker station

Other Audio

(2) Sony Shotgun Mics
(2) Shure SM58 Mics
(2) Audio Technica Headset Mics
(4) Clearcom Wired IFBs
Clearcom KB-112 Portable (Biscuit) Speaker Box
(3) 100' XLR 4 Channel Snakes
200' XLR Cable
(4) 50' XLR Cables
(2) 150' XLR Cables
(3) 20’ XLR Cables
Whirlwind 24 Channel Mic Splitter
(2) 15 foot 12 Channel Snakes
200 foot 20 Channel Snake
150 foot 24 Channel Snake


Onan Quiet Diesel 8000 Generator
Acme Power Transformer
175' Feeder Cable (Pigtails or Cam-Lock)
requirements: Single Phase: 2 Hots (30amps each), Ground, (no neutral)